What We Do

Custom-made cabinets add comfort and style to any home. You can trust Northside Cabinets to handle your carpentry needs with professionalism, care and dedication. Leave it to us to design, build, and install your cabinetry, custom venthoods, entertainment centers, fireplace mantles, closet  reorganization, and more, including upgrading your existing cabinets.


Experience Makes the Difference

Good design is essential for a beautiful, convenient kitchen, a kitchen to enjoy with your family.  Whether new construction or remodeling, much more is involved than just installing box cabinets.  The style of cabinet and the layout in the room are very important.  Is there adequate room for movement, for your family's needs.  What about stove, microwave, refregerator, and island placement?  Electrical outlet placement and lighting.  What about drawers: big deep drawers, speciality drawers, trash drawers, under sink drawers, cookie sheet drawers, spice drawers, pantry drawers; they make a big difference in keeping your kitchen clean, neat, and organized.  All have a direct bearing on how you feel about your investment when the job is finished.


At Northside Cabinets, we take all these things into consideration, and much more.  And, we understand all the other trades that are involved in construction and do our best to look ahead at the big  picture of your project.  Our goal is that when we finish you say "Wow!", and keep that feeling for years.